• About this item.
  • One of the world's first branded products.
  • The original Laundry Whitener.
  • Your Gran would love this!.
  • Imported from USA.
Reckitt's Blue Laundry Bluing. A pack of 10 small solid squares of ultramarine blue wrapped in authentic Reckitt's packaging. Reckitt's Blue can still be seen in parts of the country in "Ghost Advertisements", old signs on the side of general stores, etc and has not been readily available in the United States for many years. Originally used a Laundry whitener for cotton, over the years this product has been put to many other uses, and the color is striking! (Information on packet of Reckitt's Blue) "Wrap Blue in cloth. Stir while squeezing the blue in the last rinsing water. Dip articles seperately for a short time; keep them moving" Tablet can spill out of packaging so please handle with care. The tablet is quite small, it did not need to be big as it could be re used in several washes with care. As you can see by the picture, the paper this product is wrapped in is very old fashioned, and would look great in any laundry room.

Reckitt's Blue Laundry Bluing (Pack of 10 Tablets)