• 130 Watts RMS, 260 Watts peak power handling.
  • High power Ferrite magnet with No demodulation.
  • 12 mm long, 1.46" diameter Aluminum Voice coil on Kapton former with 4.67 mm Xmax.
  • Weatherproof with wide operating temperature. Great for extreme outdoor conditions..
  • Made in Italy.
  • Imported from USA.
Specifications. Brand:FAITAL PRO; Model:6FE200; Nominal Diameter:6.5"; Nominal Impedance:8ohm; RMS Power:130 W; Peak Power (Watts):260 W; Sensitivity (dB):95 dB; Max Excursion(Xdam)(Xlim):10.4 mm; Max Linear Excursion (Xmax):4.67 mm; Usable Frequency Range (Hz):85-6k Hz; Surround Shape:M-Roll; Basket / Frame Material:Steel; Spider Detail/Material:1x constant height waves; Voice Coil Diameter:1.46"; Voice Coil Former:Kapton; Voice Coil Wire Material:Aluminum; Voice Coil Winding Depth:12 mm ; Voice Coil Gap Height:8 mm ; Demodulating Ring:No; Magnet Material:Ferrite . Parameters. Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas):0.11 Ft3; Total Q (Qts):0.67; Mechanical Q (Qms):6.2; Electromagnetic Q (Qes):0.75; Minimum Impedance (Zmin):6.8ohm; DC Resistance (Re):5.9 ohm; Mechanical Resistance (Rms):3.09 lbs/sec; Surface Area of Cone (Sd):18.29 in2; Voice Coil Inductance (Le):0.4 mH; Flux Density:1 T; BL Product(Bl):8.2 T-m; Moving Mass Of Diaphragm (Mmd):11.1 g; Moving Mass(MMs):11.5 g; Reference Efficiency (No):0.0067; Mechanical Compliance (Cms):0.15 mm/N; EBP:160 Hz; Driver Displacement:27 in3. Mounting and Shipping Information. Overall Diameter:6.59"; Baffle Hole Diameter:5.67"; Bolt Circle Diameter:6.06"; Flange and Gasket Thickness:0.31"; Depth:3.03"; Net Weight(lb):4.4

Pair Faital PRO 6FE200 6.5" Midrange Woofer Voice Speaker 8 ohm 260W 95dB 1.5VC

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