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  • Smoked Shoyu is done thru a intricate cold smoking process, then aged for an additional six months to mellow..
  • Traditionally brewed preserving ancestral methods of the mushiro koji process yielding an exceptional shoyu..
  • ter aging, the master craftsmen meticulously follow a cold-smoking process unique to the haku family company..
  • They use Mizunara Hard Wood, a type of Japanese Oak, which bears a beautiful, lively smoke flavor..
  • ypically used in moderation as a finishing shoyu..
  • Imported from USA.
A truly rare and unique ingredient from Kyoto prefecture.Haku Smoked Shoyu is first traditionally brewedpreserving ancestral methods of the mushiro koji processyielding an exceptional shoyu. After aging, the mastercraftsmen meticulously follow a cold-smoking processunique to the haku family company exclusively usingMizunara Hard Wood, a type of Japanese Oak, which bears abeautiful, lively smoke flavor. Typically used in moderationas a finishing shoyu, Haku Smoked Shoyu delivers auniqueness and complexity desired by today's finest chefs. Ingredients: Water, Soybeans, Salt, Alcohol, Natural Wood Smoke Flavor: Complex, full-bodied, Savory, Umami Color: Dark brown, opaque Origin: Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Haku Smoked Shoyu, 375 ML