• Sujok jimmy is an unique tool for su-jok doctors and acupressure practitioners. It is a diagnostic & therapeutic stick used in identifying correspondence points. In su-jok healing, there are different types of probes- plain probe, probe with lens, probe with massager, probe with spring used for onnuri auricular therapy etc..
  • "su-jok" is a combination of two words, 'su' means hands and 'jok' means feet. Sujok actually means treatment on hands and feet. Sujok acupuncture/acupressure is a physical & metaphysical, natural therapy of healing without drugs and medicine..
  • Su-jok healing is a instant and effective therapy without medication. Su-jok is absolutely safe for human beings and does not have any side effects..
  • Sujok helps in curing diseases like arthritis, bronchitis, asthma, cervical, spondylitis, backache, joints pain, migraine, hypertension, sinusitis, deafness, paralysis, constipation, acidity, obesity, diabetes, blood-pressure, menstrual problems and many more chronic disease related to different organs of our body..
  • Sujok rings are designed for a thorough stimulation of the fingers & toes. A very effective method of treatment through the system of correspondence..
  • Imported from USA.
Use Simple yet advance tool for do it yourself treatment. For special su-jok points of your finger. Use it in su-jok treatment. Essential tool for sujok therapist and acupressurist. Used to diagnose sensitive acu points. Also used to treat these very points. The probe can also be used to give a generalized massage on any part of the body. Method Move the rounded end of the probe over the required search area of palms, fingers, feet or toes with uniform pressure. The most sensitive point will respond with a typical, sharp pain and is the acu point. To treat the acu point, press the same with the probe for the required length of time. For giving generalized massage, roll the probe along its length over the required part of the body. Precaution Apply just adequate pressure. Sharp pressure may cause intolerable pain to the patient. The skin may also tear in case the same is very thin.

ACS/ACM Sujok Acupressure Probe Center Roller I & II Metal Diagnostic Jimmys + 5pcs Sujok Rings Center Roller-I L – 9.30Cm, Center Roller-Ii L - 8 cm Brass

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