• High capacity organic waste removal.
  • Synthetic adsorbent.
  • Economical carbon substitute.
  • No impact on pH; minimal impact on trace elements.
  • Imported from USA.
Seachem hypersorb is a premium synthetic adsorbent with outstanding organic removal capacity and ionic management abilities; It removes organic waste, toxic vapors and other pollutants. It is ideal for all types of water, including marine, brackish, and a broad spectrum of freshwater from acid to alkaline. In freshwater It will help stabilize the ionic balance and will help control ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. It has all the advantages of carbon and none of the disadvantages. Hypersorb changes color progressively as it becomes exhausted, and then can be easily regenerated with ordinary household bleach. Regeneration is near 100% effective and can be performed repeatedly.

Seachem Hypersorb 250ml

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