• Really fast and outtstanding results with JELQ / stretching massage exercises..
  • Amazingly luxurious massage oil perfect for intimate and pleasureable massage experience..
  • Unique - masculine and aphrodesiac scent of Ylang-ylang..
  • Superior slip and absorbency. Never oily or greasy during massage..
  • Moisturises, rejuvenates and reconditions skin. All natural and safe ingredients improves appearance of dry and unappealing looking skin..
  • Imported from USA.
Duroil - 60ml is a manhood and intimate skin care massage oil for men. It is made of a blend of natural oils. It is proven to offer superior slip during massage. The ingredients used in Duroil will improve appearance of intimate skin. Infused with the essential oils of Ylang-ylang - Duroil offers a masculine, invigorating and aphrodesiac scent that enhances the total massage experience.

Proven Jelq and Manhood Massage Oil - Duroil 60ml