• Anti-static WASHI paper for easy dust removal.
  • Unique watermark pattern of fiber on “Un-Ryu Shi”.
  • Moderate-weighted Stone-paper for core material.
  • Reversible design to match atmosphere of the room shown with the TN-570.
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  • Imported from USA.
The TA-TS30UN-BW is an inventional turntable sheet to provide an optimized condition for vinyl record playing. In order to provide a comfortable moment of listening to music, we considered removing static from records is essential to make this ceremony excite, and tried to find the best material for a turntable sheet from the scratch. Traditionally, silicon rubber, felt or cork is used for turntable sheet, because of its attribute of shock-absorbing. However, we considered the most essential things for turntable sheet is to reduce static, and came to a conclusion of using "WASHI" after dozens tests to find an ideal material that matches the condition.

Teac TATS30UNBW Turntable Sheet DTV Converter, White/Light Gray