• About this item.
  • Extra Plastic Protective Outer Sleeves Case for Blu-ray Case / 4k blu ray steelbook - Measuring 174mm x 141mm x 20mm - Fit any normal steelbook bluray.
  • Small curve at the bottom help you pull a blu ray protective sleeves out easily.
  • High Quality 300 Micron(thick 12 mil) - very strong and take a lot to pull apart - APET Material - APET is one of the BEST clear plastic materials - an enviromentally friendly and safer for storing than PVC.
  • The Ultimate in Steelbooks blu ray plastic sleeves protection! - They protect the Blu-ray Steelbook movies 100%, and they even make the Blu-ray Steelbooks look "newer" by being in them. Designed to be slightly bigger so it will fit steelbooks with the J card still on the steel (the cardboard/paper sleeves that come on most new movies)..
  • They not only protect your Bluray discs, 4k blu ray steelbook, PS4 Steelbooks, PS3 Steelbooks, Xbox One Steelbooks, Future Paks, Metal Paks, Iron Paks orViva metal cases from scratching, touching, dust and dirt. But they also look a lot nicer into display stands.
  • Imported from USA.
BEST WAY TO PROPTECT YOR RARE STEELBOOKS! Blu-ray Steelbook clear plastic protective slipcovers(pack of 6) High Quality Fully Enclosed Blu-ray Steelbook Protective - dvd clear sleeves - CD sleeves plastic Transparent Slipcovers - CD clear jewel cases. Specially made for use with G2 size blueray discs Steelbooks; they will also fit PS4 Steelbooks, PS3 Steelbooks, Xbox One Steelbooks Case, Future Paks, Metal Paks, Iron Paks, Viva metal cases and blu-ray cases. These protect every part(the top and bottom) of the steelbook as well as one side including the spine if needed. These super jewel box or dvd sleeves plastic will protect every part of the Blue ray steelbook. The Ultimate in blu ray protective sleeves! Once enclosed inside the protective box it will protect from dust, scratches, dents and general shelf wear. Manufactured from High Quality 300 Micron(thick 12 mil) very strong and take a lot to pull apart - APET Material(amorphous polyethylene terephthalate) - enviromentally friendly, it also is designed to withstand UV rays, making it a suitable choice and a safer alternative than PVC. Great alternative than cheap Resealable Outer Sleeves Plastic OPP Bag or bluray bags. PLEASE READ ... Please check the size of your Steelbook to make sure it will fit. 1. Our 6 custom made box protectors for many, but NOT ALL, Steelbook. Please check the size of your Steelbook to make sure it will fit rught. The cases measure roughly 174mm x 141mm x 20mm, large enough for Blu-ray cases, but it is specifically designed for "steelbook" blu-ray movies. 2. The slips come flat, the plastic case will conform to the shape of the steel book. Just fold on all the edges slowly to form a box. While the product is very strong, it can be easy to rip when folding it into the box. TRY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT!

P&F Full Coverage Blu-ray Steelbook Jewel Plastic Sleeves Cases - Bluray Protective Slipcovers (pack of 6)