• Color Coded for Easy Identification.
  • Individually Bagged 8 oz (250 ml) Poly Bottles.
  • Lot Numbered and Expiration Dated.
  • Free Certificate of Analysis and Traceability.
  • For Pharmaceutical, Academic, Research and Industrial Uses.
  • Imported from USA.
Want that feeling of confidence from doing things right? Get our accurate, unbiased, independent and scientifically documented calibration standards and be sure your meter is working correctly. These buffer calibration solutions are suitable for the calibration of all pH meters. Each production lot is manufactured in our USA laboratory following carefully controlled written procedures and standardized against NIST standard reference materials (SRM) for highest accuracy. The finished product is assigned a unique Lot number and expiration date. These products will have greater than one year shelf life when received.

Biopharm pH Buffer Calibration Kit 2-Pack | 8oz Bottle Each | pH 4.00 and pH 7.00 | NIST Traceable Reference Standards for All pH Meters | Color Coded

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