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  • 30 Day Supply Male Multivitamin.
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Concentrated vitamin blend designed for men to enhance your male health. The vitamins and minerals in Vigor Male Multivitamin are meant to work with your daily average nutrient intake and support that. No nonsense formula will not leave you with stomach problems and will not make you feel like you took too much. ********************************************* We did a lot of research on what multivitamin is best and we found that our formula is ideal for those that train. An average diet already gets an average amount of nutrients and vitamins. This is designed to supplement that and not provide you with megadoses that will just upset your stomach. Vigor Male Multivitamin comes in an easy to swallow tablet goes to work to improve your health all day. *GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: take the entire bottle, if you don't like it or think it was worth the $9.99 you including prime shipping please contact for a full refund!

Vigor Male Multivitamin *Guaranteed Satisfaction