• About this item.
  • Serrapeptase High Potency.
  • Sublingual - No pills to swallow..
  • Absorbency - Up to 98% for maximum uptake.
  • Green - Less wasted nutrients mean a happier Earth.
  • Pump Applicator—Eliminates awkward fragile Eye Droppers.
  • Imported from USA.
Serrapeptase is a digestive enzyme, originally found in the Silkworm, gaining widespread popularity as a supplement because of its unique ability to break down complex non-living obstructive tissues and plaques in the body. The problem many encounter when taking Serrapeptase as an oral supplement (a capsule or pill swallowed into the stomach) is that it must be taken on a completely empty stomach, which takes about 5 hours after a meal is completed. If this is not done, the Serrapeptase will be simply be wasted as it breaks down the food proteins it encounters in the user’s intestines. Furthermore, a small but definite minority of oral users have a strong negative reaction (nausea and vomiting) to the coatings used to get the supplement through the acid bath of the stomach. Because NutraLingual Anytime Serrapeptase is formulated as a Sublingual Liquid Supplement (absorbed directly through the lining of the mouth), these issues simply do not apply and the product may be taken anytime irrespective of mealtimes. Even taken on an empty stomach, most of the Serrapeptase from an oral supplement will not survive the digestive tract (it’s not uncommon for oral nutrients to be reduced by 50% to 99.9% before being absorbed into the blood for systemic distribution). Formulated properly and taken as directed, sublinguals can achieve up to 98% absorption in just a few minutes, compared to 3 to 5 hours for the typical oral supplement. Product comes with a Pharmaceutical grade Pump Applicator which delivers a precise metered dose every time, eliminating the need for imprecise, awkward, fragile, and hard to keep clean Eyes Droppers that most liquid supplements use. This product is perfect for those who are unable or don't like taking pills, or for those who simply want the most Bio-Available supplement possible. MADE IN USA.

Anytime Serrapeptase—High Potency—3500 Units (Equivalent to 120,000 Units Oral Dose), Premium 150 Day Sublingual Liquid Supplement -TAKE Anytime, NO Fasting OR Empty Stomach Required!!!!