• MANSCAPED NUTS AND BOLTS 2.0: If you don't own this, you should, your significant other will love you forever. This essential grooming kit includes a specially designed electric trimmer for hard to reach parts, an incredible, all-in-one, long-lasting ball deodorant and moisturizer as well as our famous Magic Mat, a unique shaving mat and great bathroom read..
  • THE LAWN MOWER 2.0: A sophisticated, small yet powerful trimmer designed for maneuverability with adjustable guard for ease and comfort. Think you already have a trimmer? Trust us, we did the homework. You don't, and you need this..
  • THE CROP PRESERVER: A uniquely formulated ball deodorant and moisturizer. You just trimmed, so now enhance and moisturize. Think of this as your suit of armor, this residue- and oil-free, anti-chafing lotion features ingredients to help you stay smooth, fresh, velvety, and more confident throughout the day. Whether you're traveling, working, or playing sports, Crop Preserver has your nuts covered..
  • MAGIC MAT: Our incognito disposable shaving mats serve for practical and entertainment purposes. Utilize its handy functionality while grooming, then neatly discard or as a light entertaining bathroom read for all things manly..
  • Imported from USA.
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MANSCAPED™ Nuts & Bolts 2.0, Men's Grooming Kit, Includes The Lawn Mower™ 2.0 Ergonomically Designed Powerful Waterproof Groin Hair Trimmer, Crop Preserver™ Ball Deodorant and Disposable Shaving Mats